Wednesday, May 28, 2008

2 made it to freeze!

We have 2 snowbabies! They are Day 6 blastocysts that are cryogenically frozen in the lab. I'm really happy to have them, since it gives me hope for another cycle just in case. A frozen cycle is MUCH easier on me than a fresh, since I don't have to worry about the egg retrieval.

I am 3dp5dt (that's 3 days past my 5-day transfer) or 8 days past conception. So far I feel nothing, but that's okay. It is still way too early to know anything. And fortunately I haven't been making myself crazy over analyzing stuff. Although I do keep talking to them-- "Get cozy little guys!"

We close on our house today!! We are so excited! It is definitely been a very nice and happy distraction. We can't wait to move in. We have movers, and I am going to be doing my best to stay relaxed. It is a little easier, since we don't have to pack.


Lisa said...

What an exciting day!! Frozen embies and moving day! Congrats!!

Michelle & Gary said...

Congratulations on the snowbabies and the new house!! How very very exciting for you both!

Lisa said...

Oh, and you've been tagged!

Ariella said...

How exciting closing on your house and 2 snowembies! Congrats on both. May the old adage be true house is followed by baby.