Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Weird PG stuff @ 33w

Some stuff that I've noticed lately...

1. I just feel awful if I lay on my back or even recline in bed to read. I know there is some artery that the weight of the uterus cuts off. I can't imagine laying on my back for labor-- there's a reason other cultures squat!

2. I have been feeling Lulu hiccup! At least that's what I think she's doing...? I feel these little tiny rhythmic taps, down low by my pelvic bone 1-2 times per day. So cute!

3. I've been doing "kick counts" (sort of). Some days, I just KNOW she's moving around a lot, so I don't really bother counting it, but just think she's good in there. Hopefully I won't get yelled at that my card isn't filled out!

4. I'm low on iron (STILL). Maybe this is related to why I feel so awful on my back? I'm already on a supplement, but I guess it isn't absorbing like it should. I'm right on the borderline, but I really need to get it in check. So I'm eating Total cereal and taking my supplement mid-day with OJ.

5. I think Lulu's still posterior. They keep saying she's too small to tell, but they'll check her position at the next appointment (34w). I'm 99% sure she's head down, but I do still feel her hands in the front now and then.

I only have 50 more days left-- seems long and short at the same time! I can't wait to meet her, though. Mark has been playing guitar for her and singing lullabies quite a bit lately-- usually Dream a Little Dream of Me :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Baby Shower

Not the greatest pic of me, but you can kinda see my bump the best.My shower was this weekend, hosted by my lovely stepsister, Sona, and helped out a lot by my sister, Kirstin. It was small, but really wonderful. Everyone was so sweet and generous! I felt really loved!

The main activity was creating onesies for Lulu. Everyone was so creative, and she'll have a lot of cute ones to wear.

For the shower, they put a pink balloon on our mailbox, and I got a call yesterday from our neighbor asking if we had the baby! Ooops! This neighbor is actually a new mom, and it was so great talking to her. She sounds in total bliss about her daughter-- I can't wait!! Just 8 more weeks...!

All photos are here:

Friday, December 12, 2008

Look back Lulu!

At my last appt, the midwife thought my baby was posterior. She had a hard time finding the heartbeat, and when she did-- it was low, but she had to poke in. And this is so cute-- I can feel her little hands moving around my pubic bone like little bubbles. So good news-- baby is head down and hopefully will stay that way. But, I've been reading more about posterior babies, and it definitely sounds like a harder, longer birth with more medical interventions. I'll miss you little hands, but you need to turn around!

The midwife said it was early and not to worry, but Lulu is definitely comfortable where she is-- so I'm going to try to be more conscious about sitting up straight and leaning forward for awhile, which is good for me anyway.

Monday, December 8, 2008

30w Belly

She's growing, but I still feel really good!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving & last class

Thanksgiving was great! We went down to Atlanta to see my family. We flew down, which was probably easier on me than driving. Dinner was great, and my niece and nephew were so excited about Lulu (what they call the baby)! I think everyone got to feel her kick. My sister hired a photographer to do some family shots, so we got a few pictures (see proof).

We had our last birthing class, and things were more focused on infant care and being a new parent. I honestly can't wait to meet our daughter, but I am also expecting it to be pretty hard. The first month or so when she doesn't even smile, but just NEEDS the whole time would have to be rough. Plus, dealing with the sleep deprivation and just physically recovering from pregnancy and all those hormones.

I also have noticed my feet are getting a little swollen! They don't hurt and aren't too bad, so I was shocked to look down one day and notice I couldn't really see the tendons in my feet like usual! I have been trying to put them up at work, which seems to be helping.