Friday, May 29, 2009

Sleep Update

Well, she was up a lot more than usual last night, but it was pretty easy to get her back down, so I can't complain. And she has her usual nap schedule this morning, although it was hard to get her to sleep! Plus, she ended up sleeping on her side, not sure if I like that, but her nose/mouth were totally clear to breathe. I'm sticking with it through the weekend, though!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Project Sleep in Crib: COLD TURKEY

No more swaddle and no more swing! Now that Miss P can roll, it really isn't safe to swaddle her. And I wasn't strapping her into her swing, so that probably isn't so safe either.

She hasn't been sleeping that well since we got back from Indy, so I figured might as well just do it, since I'm not getting her to nap in long stretches or STTN anyway. I just tried it this afternoon with her nap, and OMG!!-- She's been sleeping for over an hour! It took awhile to get her down, but she's sleeping well. I'm going to keep at it over the weekend, since Mark will be home to relieve me, and hopefully she'll be done by next week!

That's how I roll!

Petra decided she would roll from back to tummy first, instead of the other way around. She was getting tired, so you might want to watch on mute! ;)

We visited Mark's family and friends in Indy over Memorial Day. Petra was her usual fussy self at times, but she was also really stimulated by all her new surroundings and people. I think that is one reason she started to roll. So proud of her!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Project Sleep in Crib: Day 3

Pretty good last night. She was a little hard to put to sleep, so I let her start out in the swing. I think it was because she didn't nap very well in the afternoon!

8-10 Petra swinging in swing
10-1 Petra in swing, not swinging!
1:30-6 Petra in crib!

Then she got tired again around 7:30, so she is napping in the swing! But pretty good. She moved off the wedge again, so I think I'm just going to take it out and see what happens...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Project Sleep in Crib: Day 2

Petra did really well last night. No SWING until this morning!!

9-3 Petra in crib
3:30-6 Petra in crib!
7-8 Petra in swing

I think if she would have slept until 7, she could have made it through the morning for her nap. But overall very good girl!! I did use a wedge in her crib last night, though I don't think it made much of a difference. She actually moved off it at some point.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Talking" Petra

I'm unemployed and looking for a job right now, which is a little hard with a 3 month old! I just got a call that her daycare is avail at the end of June and there probably won't be a space until next year! So we'll probably put her in and HOPE I have a job by then or within a few months. Otherwise, we may take her out if the job market isn't looking so good.

Actually end of June would be pretty ideal for me to go back. I'm feeling ready, though I know it will be REALLY HARD to leave her every day, especially now that they are getting so fun and interactive. I feel like Petra grows so much every day. Lately she's been "talking" a lot and cooing at everything/everyone! I feel like the past few days it was hard to get her to nap because she is so interested in the world around her! But then she gets sooo fussy and tired.

I think today was the first day she realized I am the one who feeds her. She latched on and was staring right into my eyes and then broke out in a huge smile and then was sucking and staring at me. So cute! Normally she just sucks and doesn't seem to really notice anything else.

Here's her Talking video:
Petra Talking

Project Sleep in Crib: Day 1

Petra STTN on Sunday AND Monday! Yay, but that was with her swinging in her swing all night. I'm starting to feel like she should be outgrowing the need for the swing, but it is a crutch for us when nothing else works, so many nights I just don't want to bother. So I'm starting Crib bootcamp!

8:30 Got Petra to sleep and swaddled her in the swing
9:30 turned swing motion off
3:30 Petra awake for feeding
4:00 very sleepy Petra back in crib
6:15 Petra up for the day

Ideally, I'd like her to go 8pm - 7am, but this was pretty good for crib sleeping! I'm going to try the same thing tonight and for the next couple days. Putting her down in the swing and then moving her to the crib.

Monday, May 18, 2009

We survived!

Last week was the 3 month growth spurt, I think?! She was impossible!! She was hardly sleeping, incredibly fussy, and overall a very difficult week. I was thinking this is the new her?!

I thought it would never end and I'd have to get used to being sleep deprived and not getting anything done during the day. I wish I would have posted last week because it was hard, Hard, HARD! And I know I will never remember it and go through the same crisis next month when she has "the 4 month wakeful period"!

I was so relieved when Sunday she decided to take a long nap and even STTN last night!!! (8-7!) Whew! I'm not expecting a repeat, but yay for Miss P!! I got decent sleep until I woke up at 4 am worried about her- I finally got back to sleep at 5 am when I checked to make sure she was still breathing. Paranoid mommy!

As good of a sleeper as she is, she's back to sleeping in her swing. I need to get her back in the crib. I am not going to force the issue and honestly I don't even care if she keeps sleeping in the swing, but it makes taking her places difficult because she won't nap longer than 20 min. when laying on a flat surface. We'll get there...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

on demand...

I've been feeding on demand since Day 1, and in the beginning it was tough. Can she really be hungry AGAIN?! But I've gotten much better at reading her hunger cues and knowing when she needs the boob, which isn't as often as it used to be. She doesn't take a paci, so I use it to comfort her sometimes and she loves falling asleep while/after nursing. This is all fine for me now, but I was starting to worry about how anyone else would be able to take care of her?!

But you know, when mom isn't around, she knows the boobs aren't either! She will take a paci from Daddy and even tolerate being put to sleep without too much complaining. I think it is a little more difficult for her without me, but not impossible. So hopefully if/when I go back to work, she'll adjust.