Thursday, October 30, 2008

*saw* a kick! & OB appt.

When I was at the OB's office today waiting, I actually saw a kick under my sweater! I couldn't believe it-- she's getting so big and strong. My 25w appt went great, so just going back in 3 weeks for my glucose test.

I asked her about this horrible rib pain (which I am feeling right now-- OUCH!), and she really didn't say what I could do for it, just that it was probably caused by things getting squished in there and the baby might move and relieve it. I'm going to ask my birthing class instructor and maybe try out a chiropractor.

I read about it in Belly Laughs recently and she actually had 2 ribs pop out! The chiropractor popped them back in, but they just popped out again, so I'm not sure if there is anything to be done, except suffer! It does feel better if I lay on my left side or on the weekend when I'm not sitting for hours. Oh well, now I won't feel like such a cheater when I go on disability at 36 weeks!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

First birthing class last night

Mark and I had our first birthing class last night. Our teacher is great and all the couples were super-nice. I was a little concerned that I was taking this too early, but everyone else was about the same stage, and with the holidays coming-- it is probably better to start sooner.

We met another couple who also likes rock climbing, so we talked about trading off babysitting duties at the climbing gym once we are recovered! I actually recognized the mom-to-be from my history of science class at NC State. I would love to get back into climbing at some point.

Last night we just went over general stuff and talked about the "pain cycle" Fear->Tension->Pain->Fear and what techniques we could use to break it. She provides all info, but I think she really promotes breastfeeding and only using meds in special cases.

Anyway, I think the class is going to be really nice and helpful. I kind of feel like I'm dragging Mark to it, but he's been really great and supportive.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Neighborhood Social Weekend!

Mark and I haven't really gotten out much since we moved into our house in June. Mark is pretty introverted, and I have sort of taken on that quality too. We've met a few neighbors, but this weekend felt like our introduction!

Saturday was the neighborhood Halloween party, so it was a good excuse to get out and meet our neighbors. Mark played guitar for the party with three other neighbors. Everyone is soooo nice-- we really love our neighborhood and couldn't be happier with it. All the kids were dressed up in their costumes which were so adorable! The woman who organized it has 3 year old triplet daughters (not sure if she is IF), but they were dressed up as super heroes!! Batgirl, superwoman, and wonderwoman. So cute!

I also got to meet another woman who is pg with her first (also a girl!)-- she's due 12/5, but it is nice to know someone else who will have a baby so close in age and the first one too. She is also planning a very natural birth, so it was neat to get her perspective on the different services in the area. If my rib/chest/back continues to hurt, I might start seeing her chiropractor!

Sat night after the party, one of the neighbors in the band invited us over to hang out around their outdoor fireplace. So we were over there for about an hour.

And then Sunday we went for Dim Sum with our neighbors across the street. It was really good Dim Sum, and nice to finally meet them more personally!

Definitely one of our busier weekends in a long time, but nice to feel part of the community!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm aware...

We're covered!

Since Mark's company was acquired by a company with HQ in Massachusetts (a state with mandatory IF coverage), our new insurance has IF coverage-- including IVF!! So if/when the time comes for #2, we should be set! I have been secretly hoping I'll be one of these people who has no problems with #2, but I'm probably just deluding myself since I can't fathom going through all this again-- and I'm pretty happy with this one baby for now.

I have definitely had bad days, but I'm really, really loving my body right now. I think I look really good, and it is so fun to feel the baby's kicks getting stronger. Mark finally got to feel her when he got back from his trip on Saturday!

The only annoying thing has been this weird back pain near my right shoulder blade-- it is only on my right side and mainly after I eat, so I think it has something to do with gas or indigestion, but it can hurt! The baby also seems to hang out more on my right side, so it could be her pushing on something? I'll ask the doctor about it next week.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

First stranger comment!!

Yay!! The lady at home depot asked me when I was due! :)

This is my latest belly pic (~22 weeks)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Baby Gear!!

I registered this weekend at Babies R Us online. My sweet stepsister, Sona, is hosting my shower on Dec 13, so I've got some time, but It was so fun picking out baby stuff! I'll probably also go into the store and look too. Most of the stuff I registered for was really functional-- crib sheets, diaper pail, monitor, etc, so I hope people will still want to get it for me and have fun with it. I didn't register for clothes, but I'm sure there will be plenty!

Also I came in to work this morning to a lovely surprise-- a guy at work brought in his Peg Perego carseat and 3 bases for me! I know there are some issues with a used seat, but this is only 2 years old and I know the history (no accidents, etc.), so I feel fairly confident about it. So score!