Friday, September 26, 2008

Birthplan-- I can labor!

At my first OB appt, they asked if I could have a normal labor since I had septum surgery. After leaving several messages for Dr. T, I got two replies-- one said I could and the other said I'd need a C-section! So I just went in to see what he said about it.

I felt a little uncomfortable in the waiting room, and I actually tried to hide my belly with my purse. I know I'm a success story, but I just didn't want to upset anyone who was there for a failed treatment appointment or m/c.

After waiting over 2 hours (ugh- how can this happen at every appointment??!), we talked for 10 minutes. He said a complete resection surgery usually means I would need a C-section, but my surgery didn't completely remove it and I was fine to have a normal labor. Yay-- I really did not want a C, and I have even been looking into natural birth plans. It may still happen, but I'm glad I can go into this with at least the prospect of a natural birth.

Anyway, it was kind of fun to see him again. He seemed genuinely happy for me and told me I looked great, since he hardly gets to see anyone that far along. :) Many people have their issues with him (he can be pretty blunt with bad news), but I feel I can trust him more since he tells it like it is. It sucks to wait so long to talk to him, but I've never felt rushed when he finally does see me and he always answers all my questions. And I'll forever be grateful to him for this pregnancy!

Now to sign up for my baby/birthing classes!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


20 weeks! I'm halfway through my pregnancy. I can't believe it! I'm halfway to meeting my little girl and changing my life forever! :) I felt her from the outside yesterday, but it still isn't consistent enough for Mark to feel her. Maybe another week or 2?

Mark's parents are here this week, so we've also been thinking more about the nursery. We decided on a theme-- Parisian Poodles! His mom is making us an adorable crib quilt, so we chose some fabrics over the weekend. She's very talented, so I can't wait to see how it turns out. We're going with pink, chocolate, cream, and light green for colors.

I also scored a good deal on a crib off Craig's List and ordered an adorable Eiffel tower lamp from I think I'm going to dress up the shade with pom poms. We're still in the early stages, but I can see how it will come together.

Monday, September 15, 2008

1st baby purchase!

I bought a boppy for $10 at the consignment shop near us. I just went in to scope the store out, and I'll definitely be back. They had a bunch of great stuff and clothes, including little snowsuits and Halloween costumes.

I've also been feeling the baby more. She was very active on Friday night, and I've continued to feel occasional thumps and bumps every now and then. I can't wait until I feel her all the time!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's official...

We're having a girl! We had our big ultrasound today. Everything looked great and the baby looks totally healthy, and we saw the tell tale "3 lines" very distinctly.

I wasn't too surprised, since we kind of had a hint at the NT-- but now it is official and I can start to wrap my mind around the idea that we'll have a daughter!

I honestly did not really care either way. I can see benefits to both, and if I have learned anything from infertility-- you don't get to choose these kinds of things!

Oh and here is a belly pic taken on Monday. Do I look pregnant to you?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I've been tagged by Andrea In Indiana! I've known her since T-TTC days and we're due within a few days of each other!

The Rules:
1. Link to the person who tagged you
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6 Random things:
*I am wearing a green shirt
*I ate Go Lean Crunch w/ Yogurt for breakfast
*It took me 20 minutes to get to work this morning
*I have 3 sisters (1 bio, 2 step)
*I don't like cats (allergic)
*I think about climate change and the environment, much more than a year ago

Random enough for you?! :)

Prenatal Yoga & Paternity Leave

I went to my first prenatal yoga class last night. I've been doing home practice, but this was the first time I went to the studio. I really liked it and I'm glad I started when I still feel comfortable doing the unmodified poses. So later on I'll know when something is too much for me. There was one woman who was about a week ahead of me, and two others who were probably around 30w.

IVF came up a lot for some reason?! I didn't say anything, but now I kind of wish I had. No one was being judgmental-- they were just telling stories about what a miracle it was. I just didn't feel quite comfortable when I'd only met these women for 5 minutes.

Also, Mark's company was acquired yesterday. So far it looks like a good thing-- they are keeping the office in tact and the only thing that seems to be changing is the company name and much improved benefits. They now offer family health insurance, so we'll probably put the baby on his plan and maybe me after a bit. We have open enrollment now, but I'm a little nervous about changing health insurance during my pregnancy. But now that I'm thinking about it, it could save us a lot of money.

Additionally, Mark will now get 2 weeks of PAID paternity leave!! Yay!! I know he really wanted to spend some time at home with the baby, so this will be really nice for the whole family. I think he would also qualify for FMLA, but he probably won't take it since it is unpaid.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Bra = HEAVEN

If you don't want to know about my bb's stop reading now...! :) Oh wow-- I got a new softcup bra at Target this weekend, and my ta tas are thanking me. Ahhhhh....sweet relief. No wires digging in or boobie muffin top. I so wish I had done this a month ago.

I think I was in denial that I could possibly have anything more than an A-cup. I've just always been pretty flat-chested, and now va va voom! And I don't think they're done growing yet??!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Was that a kick??!!

I think I've been feeling very, very light movement. Wow-- it is still kinda hard to know for sure, but it feels kinda like rolling with maybe a slight kick here and there? I felt it last night, and some today. This is so amazing!!

I'm happy, but I'm also freaking out a bit. I am really going to have a baby?!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm 31 today!!

Wow-- a lot has changed in a year. I had really hoped it would. I remember turning 30 last year and feeling like it really sucked. We were about to make some big changes with moving from CA, but I had felt so stagnant for so long. I hated my job, was infertile and not pregnant after almost 2 years, and we weren't homeowners (which I had been wanting even longer than a baby!).

I'm just happy to have made such fun changes over the past year. We took our big trip/vacation, have a beautiful home, a baby on the way, and though I still hate my job-- things are looking up.

I wore a very obvious shirt today and told people here. One guy said he had guessed already! I guess I'm not as discreet as I thought! It has been fun getting to share the news all over again. I even got an offer for some free baby stuff-- I'll take it! Yay! Happy Birthday to me!!

We had a great visit with Mark's brother and family in CA. We went to our favorite restaurants as well as the pool, the park, and the jungle (indoor playground)! Their lives are very baby/kid-focused, which is fun now, but would have been torture about a year ago. I don't know what it is about IF, but it just makes you feel like you will never have that happiness and being around babies is somehow painful?

Tonight we're going out to dinner at our favorite Mexican place. Yummy!! No margaritas for me, but I won't feel the least bit guilty about getting the amazing Queso-dip! :)